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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Guendalina Bonifacio

Why are you standing?: 

I am a Junior Doctor who is currently completing the last year of Distance Learning MSc in Clinical Neurology at Queen Square. I have really enjoyed the program and I would be eager to help others to undertake their Postgraduate Studies in the Brain Sciences field. I feel I have the qualities to mediate between students and the University as I am currently actively involved in a Postgraduate Course at UCL and because I have a part time job which would allow me to dedicate more time to this type of activity. Also, I currently live and work in the UK, however I previously lived and grew abroad (Italy), so I feel I could also express the voice of International Students which are becoming a growing proportion of the student population at UCL.

Alexandrina Vasilichi

Why are you standing?: 

Currently studying: MSc, Cognitive and Decision Sciences, PALS

This is my first year at UCL and since enrolling I feel privileged to have already worked as a trainer at the SU delivering Zero Tolerance to Sexual Misconduct workshops to new UG and PGT students. In the past, I was a Student Ambassador for several years and represented the university at HE events where I provided support to prospective students aiming to further their education. I worked as a Community Facilitator for a charity where I responsibly supported young people from challenging backgrounds to develop projects addressing social issues in their community while ensuring their well-being. Moreover, I volunteered in a national United Nations association where I organised events on Human Rights and educated extensively on Gender Inequality.

If elected, I will clearly and effectively communicate your student priorities within the Brain Sciences Faculty. I will use my ability to solve problems in a systematic and determined way to ensure your views and student needs are considered in decisions that benefit your education. My robust sense of responsibility and dynamic personality ensure that I will effectively use my expertise to deliver the goods and get things done.

Manifesto document: 

Anjora Gomes

Why are you standing?: 

Pursuing a postgraduate (PG) degree is exciting and can also be challenging- especially with the lack of support and help around you. In my past experience, students rarely have a say in their education provision. But efforts are now being made to bridge the gap between staff members/stakeholders and students- with the aim to ensure that both staff and students have a mutual goal- valued learning experience. Given that there is a lot to learn- in a limited

If given the opportunity, I would work closely with students, to determine their goals throughout their PG course and to match them with potential outcomes for careers on finishing.

To enable students to access events, conferences and workshops to make learning a little less classroom based, and a lot more experience based, for all PG students especially international students.

To encourage a work life balance- given the pressure and time constraint of a PG degree, taking care of oneself can fall by the wayside. Self-care is paramount and I will ensure there are strategies to stay happy throughout the course; chill out zones, brain sciences socials and resilience building.

Teaching can be spread across the term, leaving students feeling isolated- I would ensure coffee and cake mornings, with a chance to have discussions about topics on the course, to be able to share ups and downs, to invite other ‘research’ cohorts to join in the mental table tennis of ideas!

Finally, to ensure that transition from postgraduate to the outside world ...

Lukia Sofroniou / Lucy Sofroniou

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing for Faculty Rep for Brain Sciences (Postgraduate Taught) because I am enthusiastic about listening to, communicating and dealing with any issues that may arise, with the aim of improving the postgraduate experience within our faculty. My previous involvement with Queen Mary University of London's SU and my place on the editorial team for the university newspaper has provided me with the skills to engage with the student body and to handle projects and campaigns in an efficient and effective manner. Being a part of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, it is perhaps no surprise that I will place particular focus on student wellness and mental health, considering ways in which the student experience can be the best it can, both personally and educationally.

Thank you.

Lucy Sofroniou