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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 8 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Sam Mackley

Why are you standing?: 

Our very own Arts & Humanities events wristband, pizza nights, the opportunity for your voice to be heard by the right people: here are 3 reasons why I hope you vote an approachable and determined guy like me, Sam Mackley (first year BA French and German), as your Faculty Rep:

1) Move aside Medics… It’s Arts & Humanities’ students' time to reign.

Our faculty needs to have the same awesome events as others. I will be closely working with the Student Union and the necessary people to ensure more social events, from an annual boat party to pizza nights and our own wristband for all years!

2) Want more events? Need to discuss something in confidence?

University is no doubt a stressful period. I want to be here not just as an academic representative for all Arts & Humanities' students, but also available on a personal level.

3) I also want to work with staff and students from each sub-department to tackle workloads and assignments. The leaps for first years like me and the following years can be less overwhelming!

If you see me, come say hi!

If you fancy a Dominoes, drop me a line me on Facebook.

Manifesto document: 

Chun Ngan

Why are you standing?: 

I’ve had experiences in regards to leadership and representation of the student body. These include: head prefect, chair of the student council and of the English Schools Foundation student council, consisting of 7 secondary schools. I feel my involvement in these roles has given me a better grasp of student needs and how to fulfill them.

If elected, as well as performing the inherent responsibilities, I would put an emphasis on the importance of kindness and self-reflection within the faculty. Whether it be students or staff, I firmly believe that at the core of any pursuit of tolerance, equality and a better learning experience, there are the virtues of respect, empathy and compassion. The faculty not only has a duty to provide the academic content, but should strive to enrich the content of one’s moral character. I hope to achieve this through increased communication within the faculty, at a more personal level.

With the same communication, I would further prioritise on the fundamentals of education, the curiosity for the understanding of the world and our place within it. I wish to work towards promoting the arts and humanities, removing the stigmatisation that may deter those who wish to study them.

Manifesto document: 

Sabastian Astley

Why are you standing?: 

I've always cared about the Arts and Humanities, with my educational path often following that road, and I believe that it is important that the Arts and Humanities are not under-represented, underfunded or under-appreciated. I would dedicate myself to the continual improvement of the department, as well as the specific courses to the best of my abilities; I would also listen to students and their complaints or issues about their courses and attempt to resolve these in as best a way as possible.

Some people have a lack of faith in Arts and Humanities degrees, and I believe I could be the one to change that belief to a more solidified and developed appreciation of their complexity and the importance they hold.