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Disabled Students' Network
Voting closed 8 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Ikeoluwa Adeniji-Fashola / Kyle Lewis Jordan

Why are you standing?: 

We are both disabled students’ who are passionate and determined to rebuild the Disabled Students’ Network from the grassroots, creating a space where disabled students’ can be heard, visible, and support each other in fighting to break down the barriers we face at university. We will do this by rebuilding the network, supporting relevant campaigns, conducting a survey to determine the needs of disabled students at UCL, and run campaigns that challenge stigma and promote awareness for disabled students and the issues we face on and off campus.

Manifesto document: 
Kyle Lewis Jordan

Anqi Sui

Why are you standing?: 

Hi there, I'm an international disabled student in UCL. I'm the first year student under the department of Statistical Science.

Having had the disability since I was two years old, from feeling embarrassed by it to being an optimist, I sincerely hope that I can devote my passion, honesty and diligence to this position. I'll do my best to represent our disabled students' needs, within UCL and on a London-wide and national level.

Helping others, especially disabled people, is to provide what they truly need and try not to let them feel uncomfortable.

Manifesto document: 

Syed Haque

Why are you standing?: 

I would love to become Disabled Students Officer as I would like to promote welfare, disability awareness and a more friendlier open campus for a better experience for all students & especially those with disability at UCL. As last year as a fresher, I felt isolated and on campus as there was no sufficient outlet or welfare system in place to help me transition to university as I knew how huge the step it was to adjust to university is a daunting and scary prospect, especially having a disability, fearing more that there will be not enough adequate help or guidance from UCL and Union itself to help me through this transition, therefore having a tough year transitioning into university. Therefore I feel no student on campus especially those with disabilities to not feel this or be judged negatively or underrepresented on campus, therefore working on promoting disability awareness & welfare for a more friendly campus with talks and dedicate weeks to focus to bring such awareness, more services provided to help students on campus & signposts on campus to promote a more open friendlier campus for all.