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BME Network
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Rewayda Abdulahi

Why are you standing?: 

Not gonna lie, I wanted to be Women’s rep but I’m aware Joelle is keen on it. But Social Secretary I’m calm on uptaking this role. I feel like I’ve been around while I was a Freshers and now it’s time to be a part of BME with the beautiful and lovely Samira??

Miski Jimale

Why are you standing?: 

I am currently a 2nd year Chemistry student. I am also the Finance Executive of Women in Finance Society and was last year's 1st Year Representative for BME network. Being part of the BME Network last year; I had great opportunities to host events regarding the pressing issues that effect the BME community such as a very successful Colourism event.

I would love to continue my work in this Network and I believe a role as the social secretary would help me do so. Vote for me!!!