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Why are you standing?: 

We all know the world’s in dire straits – especially for young people like us. There is, however, reason for optimism. Ordinary people like us have the power in our hands to change the world, and to build a society genuinely based on need, not profit. Last year we saw a glimpse of that power. The biggest strike in the history of Britain’s higher education sector took place, and shook the educational establishment to its core. During the UCU strike staff and students stood together to say a loud and resounding ‘no’ to capitalism’s further encroachment on our education.

This kind of action – students and workers joining together in mass movements of demonstrations and strikes – this is where the drive for change will come from. Our combined strength would dwarf the current powers-that-be.

The NUS needs to play its role in this process too! The NUS has the potential to organise a movement on a national scale, but for this it needs to become a fighting union with radical socialist policies. With Marxist ideas and a bold approach we can transform the NUS into a formidable union. So voting for Marxist candidates like myself will be the beginning of this task.

Manifesto document: