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Hall Representatives
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Wai Ying Chan

Why are you standing?: 

First things first, do you even know what are the qualities of being a representative?

I would say ,

Good EI

1. EI stands for Emotional Intelligence

I am a registered social worker in Hong Kong which provide counselling service or useful advices to the people in need and show my good emotional intelligence on the success of my career. A representative with emotional intelligence can assist students of the hall more empathetically. For instance, someone got problems on their kitchen matters and need some advices and I would love to help them as I know how they feel if they encounter difficulties.

2. EI stands for Early Intervention 

Early intervention is absolutely important if some of you face a problem, and you become frustrated. But you must know that every problem has a solution. So implementing a feedback system on some social platform will be one step after I have elected as hall representative , so that no matter what problem you encounter, we can try and solve it fast. I was the class representative when I was in the undergraduate and this experience help me get familiar on helping any of you which drive me to make intervention early.

3. EI stands for Every issues

Be there for listening every opinions of anyone of New Hall and I will take all those issues very seriously and help voice out.

I am determined to put into action all these qualities and provide our hall of residence with effective leadership. I adapt to change rapidly ...

Yiling He

Why are you standing?: 

My name is Yiling He and I am a Chinese student living in Shenzhen, Guangdong. After moving into the New Hall, I found that it seemed that 80% of the students who live in the New Hall are Chinese! To some extent, this is really a good thing to me (and other Chinese student), because I can make my life better if I live in a more familiar atmosphere with so many Chinese friends. I think we need to have a representative and give our opinion and advice to the Hall. We are the majority. However, it doesn’t mean that we should ignore those who are from other countries. We should have more communication with foreign friends and make progresses during this time. If I were the representative of our building, I would try my best to achieve what I have said above.

ling sun

Why are you standing?: 

hi I am a Chinese student who loves playing lying man. I really love the way that we sit together and welcome everyone joining in. This is the same for our community. This is a place for everyone to be their themselves and feel free to have your voice heard.

Manifesto document: