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Why are you standing?: 

As Hall Rep, I will ensure that our experience at the Goldsmid House will be the best experience it can be. Our Hall truly is an exceptional place in which many different cultures and many different backgrounds meet and form an international society of young students. We, together, can be of great support to one another and make our time here the best time. As Hall Rep I will ensure this will always be the case and that no one will ever be excluded from our social life.

Should I be elected as our Hall Rep dirty kitchens, loud flatmates and broken facilities will no longer be a problem and any issue, however big or small, will be tackled right away. I am committed to make my greatest effort in being Hall Rep for Goldsmid House and to always be there for every single one of us.

It would be a tremendous honour for me to represent our community and make our experience at the Goldsmid House, and in general at UCL, truly great.

Vote for Rebecca and you will not regret it!

Manifesto document: