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Why are you standing?: 

As we are all freshers this year many of you could be hesitating whereas who would be the fittest candidate to represent John Dodgson House as a whole. I believe that I have what is necessary and even more to represent you as well as make John Dodgson the best UCL House.

First of all I’d like to point out that I have been member of many committees, making decisions and taking actions in my community such as the grade 10-11-12 committee two years in a row, the grade 12 Promo committee last year ( where we produced sweatshirts, organized parties and other big events ) and my school student representative contributing in major decisions within my school administration meetings.

Secondly, If you aren’t convinced just yet here are a few details about me, I fluently speak French, English and Arabic, I play 3 instruments, I have a strong background in sports ( rugby, karting, summing ). But also I did run an small event management group.

And finally to make sure that my motivation is honest and that I am keen on well representing, I have already been nominated as part of first year representative of the Lebanese society.

I hope all of you grant me this opportunity and I look forward to making this year unforgettable.