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Why are you standing?: 

I believe I am the most appropriate person to assume the role of hall representative for Goldsmid House. As a student myself, and a permanent resident, I am aware of the many issues that could be addressed and hopefully fixed via an intermediate like me. I hope to use my confidence and determination to not only campaign for better facilities, but also to advocate for swift action thereafter and quick decision-making by UCL. Too often we students find the University isn’t always the quickest at dealing with our concerns, but with me as your representative, I assure you that all concerns with be addressed promptly. I plan to do this by sending emails daily to follow up our requests to ensure our needs are met. Moreover, I have very good listening skills which will aid in my ability to be your spokesperson, and to put your points across succinctly and with accuracy to the University. I want you, the residents of Goldsmid House, to feel listened to.

My priorities if I were to be elected would be firstly to ensure that the facilities that we have currently are in full working order, to include the printer and laundry areas. Then I will move my focus to individual rooms to address some concerns that some people have already raised regarding the strength and temperature of the showers and the difficulties with phone signal. Furthermore, I will try my hardest to campaign for a small computer space in the first floor of our accommodation to ensure everyone has quick access to an open study space especially during reading weeks and exams periods where computers and study spaces are scarce. I would also like more social events to be organised by our accommodation, maybe to include barbecues and or bowling as examples to ensure that all of you can mingle more easily and comfortably. The final thing I am determined to get is a contribution by the University towards our individual travel costs, as we are one of the few accommodations in which one must take a tube to university as it cannot be walked. This commute ultimately means that it's harder to be on time, due to the unreliability of the tube.

Therefore, if you vote for me you can expect massive improvements to your living experience at UCL. I will make it my mission to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and actioned upon. I am not afraid to speak the truth and am not scared to fight for something better.