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Why are you standing?: 

Hey guys, this candidate had been living in Ifor Evans Hall for two months before she moved to Ann Stephenson House and enjoyed a great time through pre-sessional course when living in this 109 Camden Rd community, which means she’s quite familiar with facilities and services in our halls and an explorer within neighborhood (WOW).

She studied BA International Journalism and had loads of experience of interviewing people to get their opinions and negotiated with departments to reach a satisfactory result. She was a representative in dormitory during Bachelor’s and cared about sanitation and living environment (a little bit mysophobia). Whenever she spotted that the tap was leaking, she would report to dormitory affair office (what an environmentalist huh).

She is a good listener. Whenever students in chatting groups raise questions about accommodation, she would answer as detailed as possible with no hesitation. Even when they have not arrived here, she would lay their doubts because of understanding, that’s also what she has been through.

Understanding, Love and Passion give her courage to stand out. When you come to her, she would always be available:)

Manifesto document: