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Why are you standing?: 

Hello, everyone! I am Jiaxian, originally from China, living in Max Rayne House now. I am a master student of Business Analytics at UCL and had one year representative experience in undergraduate. Following are some reasons why I am qualified of being Hall Rep.

* I had been Academic and Faculty representative for one year in Lancaster University. Though it was academic, those valuable skills that I got can also be applied being a Hall Rep. That experience helped me build strong communication and organization skills I need to positively contribute between the members of staff and the student body, giving me valuable insights into the structure of the Representation system.

* Come from China. I know that a large number of both undergraduate and postgraduate students are from China. I have already stay in UK for three years, thus I know what new students concerns about and what potential issues they will have. It will be easier for me to communicate with Chinese students and make their voices to be heard.

I will devote to finding the easiest way to hear from you, represent for you, and solve problems. I hope my contributions will make all of you feeling at home in the following year. Please vote for me !

Best regards,