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Why are you standing?: 

I’m a highly dedicated and enthusiastic person who loves to get involved. I’m pleased to be a member of John Dodgson, and am excited by the opportunity to provide strong representation for our home. I was voted class representative 3 years consecutively and have served as a peer mentor and the president of several societies throughout high school. I have strong organization skills best demonstrated through my experience co-running a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at Harvard University. I am greatly involved in activism with highlights including advocating LGBTQ equality at the British Embassy, attending conferences on Education throughout Europe, and creating greater opportunities for Women. I speak English, Welsh, Spanish, and Chinese, so feel free to communicate with me however best for you. For John Dodgson, I would like to implement a suggestion box in the common room where you can submit requests for anything you would like to see changed. If there is an upcoming vote, I promise to provide you with a anonymous ballot so you can express your opinions, then I will always vote reflective of the residents’ collective wishes. You will always be welcomed and encouraged to approach me with any concerns or ideas you have.