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The majority of students are exempt from the liability to pay Council Tax. If you live in a Hall of Residence, (UCL or UofL), this will be granted automatically. If you do not live in a hall of residence then you will need to inform the Local Authority, (Council) – Council Tax section that you are a student. The UCL Student Centre can provide a Statement of Student Status for this purpose.

To qualify for exemption you must be:

  • enrolled on a full time course at a prescribed educational establishment;
  • attending a course that lasts at least one academic year;
  • attending for at least 24 weeks in each academic or calendar year;
  • required to undertake periods of study, tuition or work experience of at least 21 hours per week.

The exemption continues through all vacation periods.

The exemption does not apply to the period before you start your course and the period after you finish unless you are living in University Halls of Residence.

The husband or wife of an international student is also exempt provided s/he has a condition in his/her visa preventing him or her from claiming public funds or from working.

Children under 18 are exempt in all circumstances.

If you live in the London Borough of Camden, you must apply on line via the Camden Council website. You will not need a statement of student status to do this but you will need to make sure your full address details are up to date on your UCL record.

If you share accommodation with other people and some of those people are not students, this will affect the situation. The other people will not be exempt from Council Tax. If there is only one person who is not a student, then the total Council Tax bill will be reduced by 25%. If there are two or more people who are not students, then the full Council Tax bill is payable.

If the Local Authority refuses to give you the exemption, please contact the UCLU Rights & Advice Centre, we will then give you a letter that describes the correct legal basis for the exemption.