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If you are part of a departmental sports team, or are keen to set one up, we want to support you! As members of Students’ Union UCL you are eligible to compete in the London Universities Sport Leagues (LUSL) which provides fun and friendly sporting competition during term time. Find out more by reading on below.

What is LUSL?

London Universities Sport Leagues (LUSL) is a friendly sports league comprised of teams from 33 London-based HE institutions. There are active leagues across the following sports Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball, Rugby Union, Squash, Tennis, Ultimate, Volleyball, Water Polo. You can find out more about the sports on offer here

LUSL has two tiers of competition for you to choose from:


Creating a new team in your club to get players that first competitive experience? Looking for a regular sports league for your society or study group? Hunting for something fun to do with your mates or colleagues?

This is the league for newly established teams or those who are just out for some casual play. Ideal for players who are new to the sport or have played occasionally in informal settings. The focus in this league is to get matches played and to take part! Rules are more flexible to allow matches to go ahead and to create a friendly atmosphere. Rule of thumb: if both teams agree, anything goes. 


The original LUSL ethos: an alternative, more casual league that allows people to continue their sport in a less formal setting than BUCS Wednesday leagues. Perfect for development squads and social teams. Players will have played the sport before (for instance at school or in local league or club) and know the rules of the game. While the standard of play will be higher than in the Rec leagues, the focus is still on social sport - everyone is here to have fun and get matches played. Rules are slightly stricter than in Rec to make sure proper laws of the game are followed but let’s keep it friendly. 

What’s on Offer?

For departments who want to enter a team (or teams!) into LUSL, we will provide you with the following support:

  • League Affiliation your annual LUSL Affiliation Fee is covered by Students’ Union UCL
  • Team Entry Your annual LUSL Team Entry Fee is funded by Students’ Union UCL
  • Insurance Public Liability & Personal Accident Insurance is provided and funded by Students’ Union UCL
  • NGB Affiliation Your National Governing Body Affiliation Fee (where necessary) is funded by Students’ Union UCL
  • Facilities If your sport is grass based we will provide your team with FREE access to sports pitches at Hackney Marshes 
  • Training We will train your team captains & secretaries to equip them to effectively manage the team throughout the season
  •  First Aid We will provide each team with a FREE first aid kit and a FREE place on our Emergency Aid training for sport
  • Support Our staff team will offer ongoing administrative support for captains throughout the season. 
  • Equipment There may be a small amount of support available with purchasing equipment for the 18/19 season. If you are interested in this please apply by emailing

What will I need to do?

You’ll need to provide

  • Players (All players must be current UCL students and/or UCL staff members and all players must be members of Students’ Union UCL) Staff members can join Students’ Union UCL here
  • Captain & Vice Captain Each team must provide us with the details of a Team Captain and a Vice Captain, both of whom must attend a training session before the start of the season.
  • Permission from your Department You must have the permission from a departmental staff member in order to represent your department. This could be from a Departmental Administrator or a Head of Department. You’ll need to provide this staff member’s email address on your registration form, 
  • Deposit We require each team to pay a refundable £50 deposit. Should your team withdraw, be removed from the league mid-season or fail to complete all your fixtures we will retain this money to cover fines imposed by the league. If you team completes the season’s fixtures, this deposit will be returned in full. 
  • Player Roster Before the start of the season we require a full player roster including the names, UPIs and email addresses of everyone who will be playing for your team. You must keep this important document up to date, notifying us whenever someone new joins your team. 
  • Team Kit For some sports you will be required to have a team kit, so factor this into to your costs.

How to enter a team

Step 1) Gather your players: make sure you have enough interest to sustain a team over the course of the season.

Step 2) Gain authorisation to represent your department from a staff member within your department. This could be your departmental administrator for example. You’ll need to provide this person’s email address on your entry form.

Step 3) Consider your team finances; Students’ Union UCL will help you with some of the support costs however, you’ll need to pay for your match officials, equipment, kit so make sure you plan out a budget.

Step 4) Complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM and pay the £50 deposit

Step 5) We’ll enter you into the relevant LUSL League

Step 6) Captains & Vice Captains to attend training at the Start of Term 1

Step 7) The season begins in mid October!

The deadline for applications is 9:00am Wednesday 8th May 2019

If you have any questions please get in touch! You can email us at or call us at 020 3108 1608.