Do you love tennis, simply want to try out the sport or are looking for a place to meet great people and hit some balls? Then UCL Tennis is for you! We offer something for everyone! Ranging from great socials to all kinds of tennis opportunities for all types of players!!

UCL Tennis is one of the biggest sports societies in UCL and is full of opportunities to develop your interest in tennis at any level. Whether you’re picking up a racket for the first time, or have been playing competitively for years, there will definitely be a place for you in our community as we offer 3 different levels for our members.

R&D (Recreational & Development Tennis): is designed for all players of all abilities. R&D hosts general hitting and coaching sessions open to everyone who wants to play tennis at UCL. R&D caters for a complete range of abilities, from absolute beginners looking for an introduction to the sport, to players with a little/some tennis experience, to players just looking for a fun hit. If you want to join R&D and do not want to tryout for BUCS or LUSL, you do not need to come trials. Instead we gladly welcome you at our R&D sessions (check our social media pages for info about this!). - 40£ for the entire year

LUSL: is a mixed team which competes in the London Universities Sports League. It is perfect for those looking for a balance between R&D and BUCS. LUSL provides weekly trainings and matches against other London universities. LUSL is a competitive squad but does not require the same commitment and demands as our BUCS league. If you are new and want to join our LUSL team, you need to come to our trials!- 75£ for the entire year

BUCS: is our competitive league where our teams compete at national level throughout the country. We have 5 different BUCS teams (M1, M2, M3, W1, W2). BUCS requires high commitment and our players are expected to come to weekly trainings, matches and fitness sessions. If you are new and would like to tryout for our BUCS teams, come to trials! Our team captains will there. - 110£ for the entire year

Alongside this we have a vibrant social scene with weekly Sports Nights, Team/ Society Dinners, and sporting events like Varsity which allow the whole society to come together and bleed purple! 

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More details
Training info
Recreational tennis sessions are conducted every Wednesday 12-5pm at Finsbury Park Tennis with additional playing options every Saturday and Sunday at New River Sports, Tennis & Fitness for our R&D+ and post-grad players respectively.
BUCS & LUSL team trainings are conducted every Saturday and Sunday (teams get allocated training slots between 12 - 5pm) at New River Sports, Tennis & Fitness (closest tube is Wood Green). Some extra trainings will be provided for the players taking part in competitions.

Membership info
For recreational tennis, membership entitles you to attend recreational tennis sessions at Finsbury Park, as well as society events. BUCS and LUSL membership (only for those who pass our trials) entitles you to represent UCL in BUCS and LUSL matches, attend trainings at New River Sport Centre, as well as attend society events. Court fees and balls for the mentioned sessions are included in all membership fees.

We get together for Sports Nights on Wednesdays, club nights, balls, have many gatherings and plenty of other events throughout the year! Stay tuned and check our social media pages as our social secs are preparing great events!

Getting in touch
You can contact us through our social media platforms (IG: @ucltennis , FB: UCL TENNIS or email). Team matters should be directed to the captains while recreational tennis matters should be directed towards the Recreational Tennis Coordinator. You can also directly get in touch with our President, Treasurer or Vice-President - they should be able to answer any question related to the Tennis Club.

UCL Tennis Club have signed the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Pledge.
This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited

Committee Members 2021/2022

President: Annabel Geene
Treasurer: Max Mayer
Vice-President: Alec Mearns
Welfare Officer: Sofia Rayneri
Management Officer: Jean Germa 

BUCS Men's 1st Team Captain: Michelangelo Zvech Flaborea Mreule
BUCS Men's 2nd Team Captain: Benoit Buffet
BUCS Men's 3rd Team Captain: Jean Germa
BUCS Women's 1st Team Captain: Monica Raviraj
BUCS Women's 2nd Team Captain: Harlowe Robinson
LUSL Team Captain: Sofia Mandich 
LUSL Team Captain: Jacopo Astolfi
Head of Recreational & Development Tennis: Kevin Halil
Head of Recreational & Development Tennis: Isabella Mandich
Recreational & Development Tennis Coordinator: Anthi Sotiropoulou-Nassika
Post-grad Representatives: Max Clark and Max Goodman

Communication Secretaries: Anna Rankin and Sarah Perret
Social Secretaries: Roxane Martinon, Jessica Koh and Daniel Dorey Rodriguez
LTA Ambassador & Community Outreach Officer: Kevin Halil
Second LTA Ambassador: Isabella Mandich


R&D tennis sessions
SOLD OUT - Tennis Christmas Ball 2021
R&D tennis sessions