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SAVAGE Journal is UCL's Arts and Culture Journal, dedicated to the discussion and display of student arts and London's culture.  

We are looking for: 

Writers | Editors | Sub-Editors | Filmmakers | Artists | Musicians | Poets | Creative-Writers | Radio Presenters | Videographers | Designers

We welcome submissions for our website as well as our print edition, published twice a year. We also have a weekly radio show, SAVAGE SOUNDS, which you can help curate and present, in addition to SAVAGE BROADCAST, a channel that helps turn articles into shareable video content. 

Every term, we hold panel discussions on cultural and political trends; workshops with industry professionals on anything from creative writing to music producing; and showcase events, where we invite contributors to perform and present their work in an evening of live music and spoken word. 

Our content is divided into three parts:

- Our Journal (Art, Literature, Film, Music, Theatre and Our Thoughts): a section dedicated to reviewing and exploring arts and culture, as well as offering a platform for broad and varied op-ed in Our Thoughts.

Our Showcase: a platform for creative UCL students to have their work displayed. Look is dedicated to visual art; Listen to music; Read to creative writing and Watch to filmmaking. 




Instagram and Twitter: @savageuclu

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