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SAVAGE Journal is UCL's Arts and Culture Journal, dedicated to exploring and challenging the arts and contemporary issues through journalistic expression, and showcasing UCL students' creative talents. 

Nominated for 'Student Magazine of the Year' by the Stack Awards in 2019

We are a community of: 

Writers, Editors, Sub-Editors, Filmmakers, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Creative Writers, Videographers, Graphic Designers

We welcome submissions for our website year round, as well as for our print editions, published twice a year.

Every term, we hold panel discussions on cultural and political trends; workshops with industry professionals on anything from creative writing to music producing; and showcase events, where we invite contributors to perform and present their work in an evening of live music and spoken word. 

Our content is divided into three parts:

- Our Journal (Art, Literature, Film, Music, Theatre and Our Thoughts): a section dedicated to reviewing and exploring arts and culture, as well as offering a platform for broad and varied op-ed in Our Thoughts.

Our Showcase: a platform for creative UCL students to have their work displayed. Look is dedicated to visual art; Listen to music; Read to creative writing and Broadcast to filmmaking. 

Our Voicesa multi-media space for UCL students to share their testimonies regarding important topics, such as struggles with mental health or the Black Lives Matter movement.


Remote membership only allows you access to our virtual events; to contribute to SAVAGE you must have paid membership!





Artwork by Loukis Menelaou