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Whether you have never experienced opera and/or ballet before, or you catch every production you can, the UCL Opera and Ballet Appreciation Society has lots to offer for everyone! We host discussions, guest speakers (including performers, directors, producers, marketeers, costumers, set designers and anyone else from the world of opera and ballet - and music and theatre), screenings, trips to live performances and anything else that our members request. We also offer subsidised tickets so that everyone may experience and enjoy these fantastic art forms. UCL's enviable London location means that our campus is just minutes away from some of the world's finest opera houses and ballet companies - all of which have varied programmes (classics, completely new works and everything in between!) and plenty of student opportunities, such as workshops, discounts, insights and exclusives.

We welcome everyone to join our society and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information. Our email address is