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Afraid about your life in London, UCL drowning you in debt, and about waking up one day with no money left for chicken nuggets? Worry not, we’ve got you.

The Broke Society is here to make sure that you enjoy every single moment of your life at UCL and to avoid having to worry (too much) about money. Who said you couldn’t be cheap and still have fun? We’ll introduce you to the joys of FREE food, FREE drinks, FREE clubs - in short, a stress-free year at UCL. We also tackle some of the less fun, but oh-how-vital, aspect of uni life, namely budgeting, meal prepping, and managing finances.

“The lack of money is the root of all evil”, said Mark Twain. Well, at the broke society, we don’t think it has to be. You can thank us later by signing up: did we mention? It’s free.

We’re a newly affiliated society so if you have any ideas for us you’d like to share please send us an email!



President: Frederick Antonovics

Treasurer: Lilian Denzler

Vice President: Charlotte Gross

Communication Officer: Ari Rajanoesy

Outreach Officer: Mike Cao

Welfare Officer: Rushil Puri



Date established: