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Welcome to the UCL Men’s Basketball Knights! 

Our club is one most successful and diverse sports societies at UCL welcoming players of all abilities (RUMS, freshers, postgrads…) to train, improve and compete on courts around London. Off the court we run weekly socials for the UCL basketball community, as well as a series of events and tournaments throughout the year. Our main aim is to create an inclusive basketball community centred around competition and team-spirit with a great social atmosphere.

This year we have three competitive teams competing in both national and regional leagues and competitions:

1st TEAM

Our 1st Team plays at a very high level in the BUCS 1A division and LUSL Competitive League. The team will be lead by our professional coach Jose Perez Paredes and will train 2-3 times a week on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays - as well as fixtures on Wednesdays and weekends.

  • Captain: Andrea Ripa 
  • Vice Captain: Sam Wilson

2nd TEAM

The 2nd Team also plays at a competitive level in the BUCS League as well as the LUSL Intermediate League. They will be coached by our passionate alumni Dennis Mazur and will share many trainings with the 1st Team. Fixtures will also take place on Wednesdays and weekends.

  • Captain: William Rohde Madsen
  • Vice Captain: Andrei Andronic

3rd TEAM

Our 3rd Team will have its first season in BUCS and will compete with the 2nd Team in the LUSL Intermediate League. They will share various trainings with the 2nd Team, and fixtures will take place primarily on weekends.

  • Captain: Paulson Tseng
  • Vice Captain: Paul Schmitz-Gielsdorf


Every weekend we run social basketball for players of all levels to come train and play pick-up. We will also be running the UCL Basketball League (UBL) for players looking to play casual and competitive games in an intermural league. This also gives unselected players an opportunity to work their way up into one of our competitive teams.


Our free remote membership is available to all, particularly designed for those who cannot be with us due to COVID. This will include access to our mailing list and NBA discussion group chat where you can be part of the community, keep up with updates, and talk trash about opposing teams.


This year we will be running some great charity events including an All-Star weekend, World Cup tournament and inter-club tournament, not to mention Varsity as well as trip such our yearly Paris basketball tour. These are not to be missed and are considered by many in the club as the highlight of the year. Events, including socials and trials will all be announced on our social medias, follow us to stay updated:

  • Instagram: uclmensbasketball
  • Facebook: UCL Men’s Basketball


Meet us: We will hold a virtual stall at this Digital Welcome Fair this year. Check out our stall page and meet with us there on the 30th of September and 3rd of October for more information. Members of our committee will be present to talk online and answer any questions you may have about the UCL Knights!

Trials: To join one of our three teams you will need to attend our trials. Due to COVID restrictions we are yet to have an expected date or format for trials so stay tuned on our social media pages for date and location updates.

COVID-19 Update: 

COVID-19 has impacted how all UCL sports societies will run next year, particularly in Term 1. However, we are working hard to do our best to provide you all with opportunities to develop your game this year. We await further guidance from the UCL Student Union and Basketball England on return to play regulations. Check out this link to learn more about Basketball England guidelines:

Due to COVID, BUCS and LUSL competitive games will resume in January, however we may organise closed door friendlies with other London universities up to this time to prepare for this “bubble” season. Follow our social medias for regular updates on return to play this year.


1. When and where are trainings and social basketball conducted?

Trainings and social basketball vary in venue and time every weekend depending on match-days and events. Venues tend to be Somers Town Community Centre on Saturdays OR London Metropolitan University on Sundays. Follow our social medias for weekly updates and more information.

2. Will the society provide basketballs?

We will provide balls for social basketball, but it is STRONGLY advised to bring your balls.

3. When should I buy my membership?

You should wait until our free taster sessions and trials have taken place prior to paying for team membership or social basketball membership. After the first few weeks, you MUST pay for the respective membership in order to play competitively or pick-up. We will run membership checks every social session.

4. Can I bring friends outside of UCL to social basketball?

No, UCL basketball sessions are strictly for those who have paid for the respective membership. For more information please contact our President or Social Basketball Coordinator.

5. What if I really cannot attend the trials for teams?

If you have a valid reason for being unable to attend trials and are interested to try out for a team feel free to contact one of our team captains - their contact details can be found through our Facebook or Instagram pages. Alternatively, you can attend social basketball sessions and tournaments where we will be doing active recruitment. You can also email or message us.

7. Who should I contact for more specific questions? 

You can ask question on the UCL Men’s Basketball Facebook page or directly contact anyone on our committee, and team matters should be directed towards captains. We are all very happy to help. Also, feel free to get in touch with our President, Treasurer or Vice-President, who should be able to answer any question related to the UCL Knights.

8. Who should I contact if I have any issues in the club? 

Our Welfare Officer this year is Giulio Minore who is driven to ensure that all members of our club are treated fairly and with respect. He will be able to direct you to appropriate support services if needed, and deal with any inter-personal conflicts within the club.

9. How are you connected to the Women’s Basketball Club?

Women have a separate club but we maintain a close link with them and run many joint socials and events together, supporting each other in matches when we can. This year we are working on a weekly joint skills training session with the Women’s Club.

10. How can we sponsor your club?

We are welcoming sponsors this year, for sponsorship please contact our President at for more information.

11. How can I join the NBA discussion group chat?

We welcome fans of all teams to our Facebook NBA chat (including Clippers fans), to join please purchase our free remote membership and contact us on Facebook or Instagram with your name and favourite team.

For any more questions feel free to contact us or any member of our committee directly.



  • PRESIDENT: Daryoush M Chaharsough Shirazi 
  • TREASURER: Curtis Chen        
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Steven Liu
  • WELFARE OFFICER: Giulio Minore


  • 1st Team Captain: Andrea Ripa
  • 1st Team Vice Captain: Sam Wilson
  • 2nd Team Captain: William Rohde Madsen
  • 2nd Team Vice Captain: Andrei Andronic
  • 3rd Team Captain: Paulson Tseng
  • 3rd Team Vice Captain: Paul Schmitz-Gielsdorf

General Committee

  • Social Basketball Coordinator: Javen Lai
  • Social Media Officers: Paulson Tseng & Paul Schmitz-Gielsdorf
  • Social Secretary: Vlad Tes

Welcome to the UCL Basketball family!

  • Instagram: uclmensbasketball
  • Facebook: UCL Men’s Basketball

This Club is Pride in Sport Accredited