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Angela Aimee, one of the Volunteering Services Unit’s student photographers, tells us about her favourite photo from November.

“I took this photo on a taster event in University College London Hospital Trust (UCLH) where young patients could learn to make origami with the student-led Origami Project. Hospital in general is not seen as a place where you can feel joyful, at least that’s what I think. Before the session I was a little worried about what the patients’ conditions would be. As the session started, the volunteers and the patients were very friendly and the whole atmosphere was very positive. I was walking around to find the perfect angle and the right moment when I took this photo. I really love how ‘warm’ this photo feels, you can see that they’re smiling and somehow it’s not too much, it just feels natural. The volunteers had created happiness in this very place and gave a reason for these patients to feel joyful, even though they might not be physically well. This assignment gives me a friendly reminder that you can always find happiness wherever you are, even if you think that it is unlikely.”

Origami Project

UCLU Volunteering Services Unit
Origami Project