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Academic reps have been crucial this year in voicing the concerns and feedback of students at the many Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs) that are held across departments. Having sat in on a couple this year myself, I have witnessed how they can truly be a mode for positive change when staff and students work collaboratively.

Every year we collate the comments that students have made at their SSCCs and put them together in a report which give us the trends in student feedback. This year’s positives include opportunities for students to build communities and engage in extra-curricular events, as well as good practice relating to programme and module content.

Unfortunately, with positives come also negatives and students have been pointing out similar issues to last year. Teaching rooms and class timetabling remain serious concerns as well as the need for more detailed and course specific assessment criteria.  For a more detailed analysis and to take a look at our recommendations check out the whole report here.

We hope that this report aids reps and all students with the confidence in raising these issues with their department. Here at the union we will continue our work at pressuring the institution to tackle our recommendations to ensure you get the experience you deserve during your time at UCL.