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With just over two weeks to go till the end of term 2 many of you have probably started thinking about your upcoming exams. Last week Wednesday the exam timetable was released on time for the first time during my 4 years here at UCL. This is a big win for students and after years of continuous lobbying and countless meetings with UCL we were finally able to deliver, which is a testament to the Union and the Education officers before me. I am also very grateful to UCL Academic services for their work in ensuring the timely release of the exam timetable. We hope that this gives students ample time to plan their revision effectively and of course the all-important summer holiday break.

There are many other big and new developments regarding Exams that are set to be introduced. This year exams will be hosted in the ExCel centre, a large venue situated near the docklands. Instead of several venues scattered across London, UCL hope that this will simplify and greatly improve the general experience for students. There will be a UCL help desk operational in the venue to ensure students receive the support they need should they have any issues on the day of their exam. More information about the venue can be found here, along with an interactive video of our previous Education officer Halima Begum, telling us all we need to know about the Excel.

This year is also the first time Late Summer Assessments (LSAs) will be rolled out across the institution. This gives the chance for students whom need to resit or defer an exam to do so in the same academic year, as opposed to, in many cases, having to roll it over to the next year. Most universities already operate LSAs and UCL seek to improve the student experience and better align itself the rest of the UK Higher Education sector with the introduction of LSAs. Further information can be found on the UCL Exams and assessments page here.

With the revision and exam period looming it is also normal to start feeling stressed and anxious at times. As part of a series of events this month for the re-launch of our Heads Up mental health awareness campaign, I will be running a pop up Exam Anxiety stall all day next week Tuesday 13th March on the ground floor of the Union building (25 Gordon street). Come by for a chat about how to best deal with exam stresses, some tips and free treats. Until then, I wish everyone, whether you have exams or not, a good end to the term and solidarity with university staff still striking!