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Given the pandemic situation, the university experience definitely hasn’t been the same as in previous years. It is especially true for us, international students, who mostly had to stay in their home countries, who could not experience London life and truly feel like a part of a wider UCL community. 

Receiving your worries to our mailbox,, we realise that not only the overall social interaction has been affected, but most importantly the quality of education and the learning outcomes. We understand that many of you could not access the facilities, such as libraries and their resources, laboratories, art studios, technical equipment and unfortunately, most likely, would not be able to access them any time soon.

Although we are proud of UCL adjustment to the pandemic in many areas, we feel that the question of tuition fees, especially for international students, has not been addressed properly. 

Therefore, over the past week, we have been working with international students’ representatives of the Russell Group universities to come up with a coherent and fair solution across the UK—to reduce the international fees this year so that they reflect the education we are getting.

If you want to share your story of how your university experience has been affected this year, do not hesitate to send it to us— It will help us to address a wider range of issues. 

Other than that keep an eye on the monthly International Students’ Newsletter, we will keep updating you on the progress there.


Madina and Nellia, International Students’ Officers,