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Where we are may have changed but what we stand for remains; more than ever, Students’ Union UCL is where community happens, and where the student voice is heard.

These are challenging times, and along with all of our members, we’re adapting how we work. We’re now 100% online, but we remain 100% about helping students. Now more than ever, we are the voice for all students, working to make life better at UCL. 

We’re committed to;

  • represent you and your needs as this situation develops. Our Sabbatical Officers represent you across a range of existing committees as well as new response groups set up by UCL to deal with this situation.

  • help you stay connected, bringing students together through activities to socialise, interact, support one another and keep each other company online.

  • be bold and innovative and adapt our services to work for you online.

Alongside these commitments, we have four priorities that will guide our work with UCL over the coming months. We believe that together the Students’ Union and UCL should ensure: 

  • Student wellbeing is the priority in all decision making.

  • No student or group of students are prevented from succeeding or accessing their education as a result of the changes to how UCL teaches, assesses, and supports learning.

  • Students should be given options for how they learn and live in an online UCL community.

  • Students are consulted about future changes and proposals to all teaching and supervision as they are developed and that they should be communicated clearly.

We’ll be transparent about what we’re working on throughout the coming months and at any time you can see our priorities online.

Feel free to contact me, or any of the other Sabbatical officers, about what we’re working on.
Take care