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Autumn elections… While this election doesn’t garner as much attention as spring elections, it’s just another round of posters going up and candidates vertically littering campus with fliers. Isn’t it?

So why vote?

The fervour that follows elections, and fundamentally student politics is rooted in its value; elected students form the backbone of the Students’ Union. Among the different facets of student life, this is and has always been one way in which students can make a genuine impact.

Look around you and it’s hard to miss some of the impact these reps have had. From a 24/7 Science Library during exam season to saving the IOE bar to destigmatising mental health.

I asked the other Sabbatical officers on why they think you should vote. Here’s what they had to say:

Sarah: You can have your say in campus wide and national issues.

Aiysha: So students can exercise their democracy.

Mark: Voting keeps our union democratic – and it makes sure our union is campaigning hard to hold UCL to account.

Ayo: To make sure the right decisions are made.

Justine: Students within liberation networks should vote in order to make sure that network committees build campaigns that will change the conditions of oppressed groups on campus.

With that in mind, voting is open. This is your opportunity to have your say on who will continue this work, and feedback your ideas/concerns to those who can make change happen. Vote for who will be your next Student Trustee, Halls Accommodations Rep, NUS Delegate or Faculty Rep.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to email me at

Cast your vote now