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So this is it! A year as Activities Officer? Completed it mate. 

In all seriousness, it has been beyond a pleasure to be your Activities Officer this past year and see the amazing things you guys have achieved. From our Varsity win (#bleedpurple) to our record breaking Bloomsbury Spotlight season, once again UCL students have proved beyond doubt that they are the epitome of talent, passion and perseverance, even in the face of a world changing pandemic! 

As an officer, I hope I have done you all justice! My participation fund should be up and running soon and plans are now well underway for more space and facilities - I’m sure you will hear more about this all soon! 

Being an officer is such an educational experience. I have not only learned how to be a trustee of a charity, develop and maximise professional relationships, navigate the minefield of higher education, how long things take to happen and how many people are involved at every stage and how to listen and respond to students ever-changing needs and desires but I have learned so much about myself as a person - this is an opportunity that will stay with me and shape me far into my future. 

I leave you now in the hands of my successor, Ilyas, who is full of great ideas and passion to push our activities programme to even higher heights! 

To all students, current and new: Get involved, give things a try, make your voice heard and just enjoy your time as a member of Students’ Union UCL - it could honestly change your life. 

Social distant hugs and well wishes, 

D’arcy Mcguinness