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100 days, it’s gone so quickly! Technically, as this is my second year, this is my 465th day as your Democracy, Operations and Community Officer….

This year has been so different for everyone, and it’s difficult to compare where I was a year ago to today. This time last year I was lobbying for microwaves and getting better support for our student staff. Today I’m working on your UCL experience through COVID and the Students’ Union’s first Sustainability Strategy.

Working from home has been exhausting, and it’s been difficult to separate ‘work’ from my home life when I work in the middle of my living room on a PC I usually game on.

Despite what I just said, I have really enjoyed the start of my second year, UCL are listening to students more than ever and my inbox has never been this busy! Since July I’ve worked on a lot and have been involved in so many meetings it’s often been difficult to keep up, but I’ve included some of my personal highlights below.

  • Getting the Rent Guarantor Scheme re-opened for students living in private rented housing in London.
  • Co-hosting the Welcome Fair live broadcast and Introduction to UCL Support Services.
  • Making sure you have places to pray on campus.
  • Weekly meetings with the Provost to make sure he understands what your issues are and how he can solve them.  

You can see my priorities for the rest of the year on my officer page here. I have already started on all of them and throughout my year I’ll be updating them with my progress.

If you want to get involved with any of my work, just reach out and send me an email (