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Student Choice Award nominations are still open, and we want you to take the time to tell us who’s gone above and beyond this year and what they’ve done.

The Student Choice Awards aren’t just about recognising excellent staff here at UCL, we use the feedback you give to lobby for changes.

If you tell us through your nomination the reasons why staff have made your experience better, we’ll work UCL to roll out that across the whole university. Making education better for everyone.

We’ve just released a new report will all the things you highlighted last year. This will be in the newsletter tomorrow. These examples are now helping UCL to make improvements across the board.

In the feedback last year, you highlighted that:

  • You appreciated staff who enabled students to co-create solutions, giving them a real input into their education wherever this is possible.
  • You valued staff who are able to combine student input with the subject matter, applying these contributions to the theory and content of the course
  • You appreciated staff members who allowed debate and discussion to take place in an open-minded environment, allowing students to safely explore and discuss the views of their peers.
  • On feedback, it was highlighted that not just the variety and openness of their approach but also the structure, enabling you to process the feedback received and engage in a dialogue around any areas on which they wished to follow-up that really mattered.
  • You praised personal tutors who remained attentive to your progress and the attainment of your goals, with effective personal tutors providing both pastoral and academic support to help achieve this.
  • Research students were appreciative of staff who linked their teaching expertise back to their own research goals, providing them with tangible skills and opportunities to make progress.

And lots more. Read the report on our website now, and make sure you submit a nomination before the end of term.

Your nomination does a whole lot more than say thank you.

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