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Hi everyone, lots of you have been reaching out to me and the other Sabbs about the No Detriment policy, so I thought I would give you a quick update on what’s happening… 

We had the first EACP (Examination and Assessment Contingency Panel) meeting yesterday (13 January 2020) and as this was the first meeting, we thought it would be wise to propose some key principles around which we’re going to form a No Detriment style policy
Last week, together with other Students’ Unions, we wrote a letter to the Russell Group, expressing our concern with their statement on No Detriment / Safety Net policies. In yesterday’s EACP meeting we decided that we’re going to centre all our conversations around the ideas and guidance set out in the Russell Group letter - which is really great news.
We’re still working on the wording for these four key principles but just to give you an idea, here’s what we’re thinking.
  1. Any policy has got to support students in their learning
  2. UCL has got to be consistent, flexible and forthcoming in its communications and is supportive of you as students
  3. Any policy has to be consistent and equitable for all students. You’re individuals and have been affected in different ways so we have to cater for every single one of you - in particular students who come from marginalised backgrounds.  
  4. Finally, any policy that we put forward has got to be focused on making sure that your results are the same as the results of previous cohorts, so this pandemic doesn’t have a detrimental impact on your results. 

We also discussed extenuating circumstances and the work required, along with the other options we could explore.

It’s really early days so I’m cautious about providing dates and timelines on when this will be completed but please be assured that we’re working as hard as we can to get the best possible outcome within the best possible time. We’re trying to be thoughtful and consultative with you to make sure everyone is included and heard. We’re aware some other institutions have already released their No Detriment policies, but we’re not in that situation. At the moment, we’re trying to ensure that we get the best policy for students and making sure you’re kept in the loop throughout so you have a say in what happens.

Where to get your updates

The other Sabbs and I are regularly updating No Detriment news, plus other news, on the Union’s Instagram account through stories, so please do follow the account for the latest news. I know that not everyone has Instagram or Facebook so we’ll also be adding news into Carol’s weekly newsletter too.