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"Stop calling it suckle": Mark's two-year round up

I’d like to first a quote a friend of mine, newly inaugurated into the absurd reality that is student politics:

Come to the 2018 Research Student Conference!

Big wins as UCL Funding announces plans to support those who need it most

Better funding announced for estranged students, BME researchers, taught postgrads and student parents and carers

'Dodgy at best': the spring elections, a tale of which Berlusconi would be proud

Disclaimer: If you don’t agree with anything in this article and would like to respond - don’t take to Twitter, don’t complain in your WhatsApp chats. I don’t

UCU - reject the ACAS deal!

Tonight, on 12th March, UCU and UUK proposed a deal through ACAS to end the ongoing industrial dispute over USS pensions.

UCL agrees to meet with the Union to increase funding for Psychological Services

At yesterday’s meeting of Academic Committee, the students’ union submitted a paper on the chronic underfunding of Student Psychological Services, prior to discussion at the upcoming meet

Defend education at UCL - support staff on strike and boycott the NSS!

The students’ union is fully backing our staff on strike - facing cuts to their pensions of up to 40 percent, this represents one of the most sweeping attacks on education in recent histo

Elections: Be prepared to fight university senior staff

How we’re supporting student parents and carers

It might come as a surprise to know that around nine percent of the student population here at UCL – or over 3000 people – self-define as having caring responsibilities for a minor or an&