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The Easter break at UCL is from 22 March till 23 April 2019. If you’re looking for a distraction or are just chilling in London, here are some cool things you can do over the last few days of the Easter break.

This break centres on the two days of religious observance, Good Friday which this year is on 19 April and Easter Sunday on 21 April. In Christianity, Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday and resurrected on Easter Sunday, so these days hold much importance in the lives of many across the UK and the world.

Historically, as a Christian country that commemorates these days, shops and public services are likely to be closed or running on a revised schedule. Please remember to check online for opening times before you travel. 

In these days of holidays, Monday 22 April 2019 is a bank holiday (traditionally when banks used to be closed, and still are). Revised timings for shops and transport are also in place for this day so please check ahead before travel. 

Things to do over the Easter Break

Get some revision in

Most of you will probably be busy revising over the holidays which is why we’re doing our bit to help you out with stress and your exams. We’ve got initiatives such as a Chill Out Zone, tea or coffee and a piece of fruit for £1, along with many other things.  

The Student Centre, Main Library, Science Library, Graduate Hub, SSEES Library and Cruciform Hub will be open 24 hours a day, however some of the other libraries have varied closing times, so check opening hours before venturing out. 

Outside of the Student Centre with Japanese blossoms framing the building

For those who want to spice it up with new study spaces, there’s some new heroes in town. UCL have organised extra study spaces in the run up to exams including a pop up in the Main Quad and in the Refectory.  

Go on an Easter egg hunt

An eggcelent way to spend your Easter break is by going on an Easter egg hunt. Originally used to signify the resurrection of Christ, it has now become a great pass-time for everyone. There’s lots of amazing hunts around London, but the one that stood out to us was the Cadbury’s Easter egg Hunt. Imagine yourself in the ground of some of England’s National Trusts, trying to find those coveted Easter eggs in this beautiful Spring weather - sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 

Families enjoying their day in one of England's national parks while looking for Easter eggs
Photo courtesy of 

If eggs aren’t your thing, maybe ducks are? Go quackers over ducks with the Easter Duck Chase that’s taking place in the Wetlands. 

A duck
Photo courtesy of

Watch a reenactment of the story of Easter

Easter is a period of religious observance after all, and whether you’re Christian or not, ‘The Passion of Jesus’ is still a great way to see a free re-enactment of the Biblical story of crucifixion and resurrection. The performance takes place in Trafalgar Square from 12:00 till 15:15 on Good Friday. You can get a feel of what it’s like from last year’s enactment in the video below. 

Nibble on some chocolate

Originally, the tradition of eating eggs during Easter was not allowed by Church leaders, so the eggs laid by hens were saved and decorated to give to children as gifts. This then developed to chocolate eggs (which you will see a lot of during this time). So, where are the best places to get your chocolate fix and celebrate in the traditions of Easter? Visit London have a useful article that has it all! 

Chocolates arranged deliciously. Piles of colourful chocolate eggs and marshmallows
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Try Volunteering

Volunteer with dinosaurs? or maybe you prefer real people? Last term UCL Origami Society went to Moorlands Eye Hospital and UCLH to show the children there how to create origami dinosaurs. They’ve been doing this quite regularly and are always in the search for new volunteers. Apart from getting involved in a student led project, like UCL origami, there’s a lot of one-off volunteering projects you can do over a day, or if you want to do something more long term then there are also lots of projects you can have an impact on with the Volunteering Service

UCL Origami Society showing how to create an origami dinosaur around a table

Explore the country

The UK is a beautiful island with lots of different places to explore. Whether you want to venture out into another side of the country in a day or over a weekend, there are so many options. For cheaper travel during the holidays, the 16-25 railcard is definitely worth the money. It lets you get 1/3 off travel ANYWHERE. Even if you are over the age of 25, as long as you are a student, you can still get a railcard. There is also the Two-Together railcard which is great if you plan on travelling with the same person regularly. 

If you plan to travel by coach, then National Express also offer their own discount

The White Cliffs of Dover on a sunny day
The White Cliffs of Dover can be reached by train. If you’re going from St Pancras then it’s about a 2 hour journey. 

Whatever you do, we wish you all a happy Easter. See again on Tuesday 23 April 2019 :)