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Tomorrow, Newham Council and UCL will announce that the plans for UCL to purchase and demolish Carpenters Estate in Stratford have been scrapped.

This a momentous victory by the residents of Carpenters Estate. It shows that together students and residents can save homes from gentrification and resist the socially reckless agendas of today’s universities. It is true that this leaves the residents with continued uncertainty about the future of their estate, and we will continue to stand with them in the future. One thing is certain however: that this unethical deal will not be done in our university’s name.

UCL students and Carpenters residents have campaigned for over a year to stop these plans. We have written letters, petitioned those in power, demonstrated in quads and occupied university space. Newham Council imply that the project has been terminated solely for commercial reasons. We believe that the principled stance of students was instrumental in forcing both sides away from this unethical deal.

The fight is not over. At UCL we must continue to tackle the extent to which managers can sideline the voices of students and staff. We will continue to stand with the residents of Carpenters Estate in their struggle to save their homes and community. 

Joe Alexander, a representative from the group Carpenters Against Regeneration Plans (CARP), said 

This news will inspire the residents of Carpenters Estate to continue the fight to save our homes. Robin Wales is more concerned with leaving a mark on the landscape of Newham than sustaining and building existing communities. This is why he endorsed an ‘arc of destruction’ which carved its way from Beckton to Stratford, stripping the communities of their assets. At the end of that arc of destruction was Carpenters Estate, where residents said ‘No! These are our homes where we want to live, work and stay.