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You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit quiet lately.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve all been sunning ourselves on a beach somewhere. We’ve been working on something big that we are really excited about sharing with you very soon.. 

This August, we will be unveiling a new look and feel for the Union that we believe will help us communicate what we’re all about and the amazing things we can do together, more effectively.  We’ve been keeping it low key, but there have been elements of our new style slowly appearing for a while; our spaces are starting to look a bit different and Clubs and Socs are saying goodbye to the UCLU at the start of their name. So, if you see something that looks a bit unusual, don’t panic - we’re still here - we’re just getting ready for this new step in our journey. We’ll be emailing to introduce you to our new image soon and there’s a new website design in the works now, and we’re pretty sure you’ll notice that when it’s here! 

These changes are all a part of our wider plan to be a bigger, better part of your time here at UCL; we are absolutely committed to being the students’ union you want us to be and putting you back into the heart of this Union. And can’t wait to start sharing it all with you.