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Article written by: Ursula Marshall, UCL Women’s Rugby Volunteering Officer

UCL Women’s Rugby are wasting no time getting into volunteering this season, with sign ups at one of the highest levels yet we are making sure we get all our new members involved to raise money for causes important to our club.

Tins for Training

Last Wednesday we hosted ‘Tins for Training’ at our usual training spot in Regents Park. The event was in aid of the local Trussell Trust Food Bank, with each of us bringing tins of fish/meat, juice cartons, toiletries, cooking oil and other essential items in return for a training session led by Coach Chris. These items will be passed on to the Camden Food Bank to become part of an emergency food parcel for members of the community that need a helping hand due to factors such as unplanned redundancy, unexpected bills, and delayed benefit payments.

Trussell Trust Food Banks do an incredible job in supporting the community, working with a range of other support services. They not only provide emergency food parcels, but also hot drinks and other refreshments for clients as well as providing a variety of different forms of support and advice. Thanks to the generosity of our members, we were inundated with donations and we will be dropping off 10+ bags at the Food Bank this Tuesday. We are looking forward to seeing how else we can help out in our local community this year! 

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