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On Monday 26th February, UCL students went into occupation in the corridor leading to the Provost’s office in the south cloisters, in solidarity with staff members striking over cuts to pensions.

They are calling for the university to come out in public opposition to planned changes to academics’ USS pension scheme, as well as for the docked wages of striking staff to be put into the student hardship fund and for students who refuse to cross a picket line in solidarity with staff not to be penalised for non-attendance.

At the students’ union’s last general assembly, students voted overwhelmingly not to only to reassert their support for strike action, but for the SU to support direct action in solidarity with staff.

At a time when staff are facing the most serious attack on their financial security in a generation, it is absolutely imperative for the sake of the future of higher education that they win - and therefore that students and their unions support them.

This is not a fight that will be won through courteous lobbying: our staff have been forced to take disruptive action in the form of strikes in order to protect their rights, and so must students.

The students’ union fully supports the actions taken by the UCL occupiers, and we encourage as many people as people possible to go down to support and join them outside the Provost’s office. We call on the university to come out in total opposition to the changes proposed to the USS pension scheme, and to back UCU in the national negotiations.