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Over the course of the academic year, over 1500 Academic Representatives attended around 150 Staff-Student Consultative Committees (SSCCs) to feed back on views from over 40,000 students. Here at Students’ Union UCL, we take that feedback seriously. 

Students have told us what are the most positive and negative aspects of their time at UCL. Take a look at the what aspects reps have been working on:

Positives Negatives
Programme & Module Content Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Student Voice Teaching Delivery
Transition & Induction Teaching Rooms, Study & Common Areas
Social & Community Assessment Preparation
Careers & Personal Development Module Allocation

This year we introduced a brand new feedback opportunity - Tell UCL. For one week, we canvassed the campus in-person asking students what they love and what they didn’t about their UCL experience.  These areas are what students said were most positive and negative: 

Positives Negatives
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Libraries & Study Space
Location Food & Drink
Social & Community Amenities
Teaching & Learning UCL Buildings

We used all that you and your reps have said to produce a series of recommendations around these key themes. A summary of the recommendations can be found in below. If you’re interested in finding out more about the analysis and recommendations, take a look at the Student Priorities for Education Report

Recommendations (what we’re asking of UCL)

1. Teaching Rooms & Class Sizes

From room booking no-shows, uneven scheduling of teaching across the week, and seminars with over 100 students, there is urgent action needed to address the student concern in this area. We must make sure that staff have adequate support and guidance to use the space they have been assigned and ensure there is clearer definitions on teaching delivery modes such as seminars, workshops and tutorials.

2. Specific Student Groups

Part-time students are often balancing commitments outside of their student life and a review is needed to ensure that focused and inclusive support, facilities and opportunities are provided to improve their student journey. We also know that research student space is an ongoing problem and we believe that adequate desk space, pro-rata to the research student population, should be allocated for research students at discipline, department or faculty level.

3. Assessment Preparation

Students are confused by assessment instructions and feel unprepared for assessments. UCL must ensure that learning outcomes are relevant to the module and integrate the review of these learning outcomes and assessment criteria into the approval process for modules and programmes. The integration of assessment criteria for modules into the Online Module Catalogue should be investigated to ensure students have a clear understanding of the criteria on which they will be assessed.