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All IoE students should be aware that your IoE Office 365 account (email and OneDrive) is being migrated to a UCL account with effect from Monday 17th August. The migration of all student accounts is expected to be completed by Friday 23rd August.

What’s changing?

  • Your Office 365 account username will change and you will need to log in using your UCL credentials (
  • You will need to use a new Outlook Web Access URL
  • Your email address will change to
  • Email sent to your IoE email address will continue to be received and forwarded to your UCL mailbox.

What do you need to do?

If you have not already done so, you will need to activate your UCL credentials via this link:

After you have activated your UCL credentials, you are asked to log in to your new UCL mailbox at using your UCL email ( from Friday 23rd August to check that all the email, folders, calendar entries, contacts etc. you had previously (in your IoE mailbox) are present. If anything appears incorrectly, as it did in your IOE Office 365 account, please contact the IOE Helpdesk (details below), or consult the advice on our website in this link :

The following features will now apply to your UCL account:

  • Email sent to your account will continue to be received and forwarded to the UCL account 
  • You should reconfigure your mobile device to your UCL email account (see ‘connect my device’ in
  • You will be no longer be able to log on to your IoE mailbox after the migration
  • If you had mailbox rules or forwarders to a personal email account, you will need to set these up again on your UCL account
  • Following migration you may find that you are unable to use Instant Messenger (this applies if you are using Office365)
  • Office 365 ProPlus users will find that the downloaded copy will expire (1 month) after the migration and a new copy will need to be downloaded

If you are unsure of your UCL account details or have any other questions regarding the migration, please contact the IOE helpdesk: +44 (0)20 7612 6696