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Did you know that Varsity is a shortening of the term University? Just a little trivia fact for you! Nowadays the word comes to relate to the sporting matches between two rival teams. In this case, King’s College and UCL - together they compete in the London Varsity Series.

London Varsity Series

After a successful two years of winning Varsity, the chance to reclaim what’s ours is back. From 8 March till 15 March, the pitches and fields will be full of red and purple as students from King’s College and UCL come together to support the game, their team and their university. Tickets are on sale now, so come along and feel the rush of the crowd, sing the chants and celebrate the highs and lows.

A sporting bonanza

London Varsity started out as a game held at the end of the University Rugby season, but recently the games have become much more than that. Incorporating about 20 other sports since 2014, the games have really taken a life of their own. You can see the full list of fixtures here.

Starting it all off will be Fencing. A free event you won’t have to travel far for because it’ll be in the North Cloisters.

The historical link with Rugby is still there. The grand finale of it all will still be Rugby with  Women’s Rubgy in Allianz Park.  

What if I’m not that into sports?

That’s ok! The London Varsity Series still promises a great day out even if you don’t know your puck from your épée. The vibe of fellow students (and rivals) cheering on their team is worth going for - so don’t let your lack of sporting terms of knowledge put you off.

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