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Winnie Lin - ‘Dare2 Try’ Barre Concept

Hi I’m Winnie, your Project Active leader for Barre Concept. I am on my second year for BA Education Studies and really enjoyed all the Project Active classes in my first year. All the sessions are very inclusive and energetic, filled with friendly people. I always leave the sessions feeling happy and refreshed.

Barre Concept is newly introduced this year, this new celebrity workout combines the techniques of Ballet with the precision of Pilates and the alignment of yoga. With high energy dance music, it’s a great way to tone your body, improve flexibility, and have fun. Want to get a dancer’s body without a tutu in sight? See you in our Tuesday barre concept fitness classes! 

Mariam Idrissi - ‘Dare2 Try’ Kickboxing

Hi, I’m Mariam and I’ll be one of your Project Active leaders for Kickboxing. I’m a final year BSc Biomedical Scientist and am really looking forward to leaving my books behind and kicking up a sweat in our weekly sessions.

Last year’s classes were energetic, motivational and fun, we learned all kinds of techniques to defend ourselves and on the whole, keep us fit and healthy. This year the sessions will continue to be jam packed full of fun and fitness and I can’t wait to get those gloves on and get punching (and kicking) with you all!

Esther Neo - Dare2 Try Dance Fitness

Hello! I’m Esther, your Project Active leader for Dance Fitness. I’m a final year Law student finishing up my LLB. Project Active has been a fantastic way to get me motivated and get fit. *whispers* I’ve even bought a gym membership because of it. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the choreography that Davy (our teacher) comes up with and enjoyed just dancing and having fun, without being overly conscious of how I look. I’m sure you’ll love Dance Fitness as much as I do too!

In my free time, you can catch me volunteering, baking (matcha is my one true love atm) and eating!