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On Wednesday 23 January, we held a brand new event! In recognition of the amazing work of our Project Leaders and their Student-Led Projects, we held a ‘thank you’ party.

The event was held to thank our Project Leaders for their hard work so far, and they attended in abundance, with over 50 students enjoying the pizza, chatting to us about what they have got out of volunteering and, best of all, talking to other Project Leaders about the great work they’re doing in the local community.

We have over 60 projects doing such diverse work in the community, such as collecting unused food and donating it to homeless shelters, playing with children staying in hospitals, or teaching primary school children about the UK political system. We already have nearly 1000 volunteers for our Student-Led Projects, and we can’t wait to see the amazing work they do this year!

Of course, it wasn’t just about pizza and cake (though obviously those were very important elements); we also had a free raffle for all the Project Leaders, with excellent prizes for all. Four lucky individuals won £10 Amazon vouchers and three of our Projects won group awards… A £50 tab for Stone Willy’s went to the Art Without a Home. This project helps people affected by homelessness find an artistic outlet. And, an Escape Room challenge went to Origami Volunteering Project, who provide a welcome distraction for children in hospitals by teaching them how to make origami pieces.

To all our Project Leaders, thank you so much! We at the Volunteering Service are so proud of you and the amazing work you do, and we cannot see what you accomplish this year!

You can browse a full list of our Student-Led Projects and sign up to volunteer with them!

If you’re interested in setting up and running your own community project, take a look at the first steps.