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Being a student can already be tough on your finances. Add unexpected events like the ones we’ve all been through recently, and you might be finding it very difficult to manage your money.

Taking action to prepare yourself financially for the inevitable twists and turns of life might now seem more important than ever. So the theme for this National Student Money week is how to expect the unexpected. Because when you are prepared, money is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

UCL and Students’ Union UCL are supporting the week, to bring you a week of free online activities, advice and even a chance to win some prizes.

Take a look at the National Student Money Week website where you’ll find live financial planning webinars (23 and 25 February), a 3-day email Bootcamp, and a chance to win four ‘emergency pots’ of £250 each plus one on one financial planning sessions.

We’re also bringing you a free online budgeting workshop on Friday 5 March. Sign up for practical and useful tips on budgeting.

To help you on your journey, this free E-Book is full of valuable information and tips, to help you build your financial wellbeing now and equip yourself to deal with any difficult circumstances later. 


The Unions Advice Service and UCL have put together information for how you can take control of your money.

If you need help dealing with money then we’re here for you. Contact the Advice Service and we can have a friendly chat about your situation.