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We all know that being a student, particularly in London, can be expensive. Really expensive. And when you are trying to meet deadlines, revise for exams and fit in a social life in between lectures, worrying about money can be a real downer.  In the hope of easing some of these woes, UCL and Students’ Union UCL are supporting National Student Money Week. NSMW takes place each year and is aimed at promoting free financial help and support to all students. Commencing 24 February, the event is supported by Universities and Colleges throughout the UK who will all be re-iterating this year’s message: Spend Healthy, Live Healthy: Sustainable Money

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on saving money then this little book of tips and tricks is full of useful information to get you saving money. 


The Unions Advice Service and UCL have put together information for how you can take control of your money.

Saving money on food

One of the ways that we can save money while looking after the earth is by wasting less food and eating within reason. 

Here’s some useful articles on where you can get more ideas to eating healthily and for the planet.

If you’re planning to meal prep or get some food from home then we’ve got microwaves around campus to help you reheat your food. 

If you need help on saving money then we’re here for you. Come along to the Advice Service where we can help you manage your money.