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To the thousands of you who took part, thank you. More than 200 students put themselves up for election and more than 4,000 voted, making this our biggest Representatives Election ever.

The students elected this week will start work to get your voice heard and make improvements to your Faculty, your Hall, your Course, your Union, things nationally and your specific interests.

4,041 students voting is great progress. We’d love to see the day when all UCL students vote in Union elections because more people voting, means a stronger collective voice for our elected Reps. So, although we’ve made a big leap forward this year, there’s still a lot more we need to do to demonstrate why more students voting really will help us do more for you at UCL.

Have a look at the results, see who was elected and what they plan to do for you. Over the next 9 months, these will be the students that you can go to with feedback about your UCL experience and who will be able, with our help, to work to make things better.

Alongside the Rep Election, we also held an all student vote on whether the Union should remain a member of the National Union of Students or leave. Not enough people voted to make the result binding so the debate on whether to leave or remain will now be taken to the General Assembly meeting on 21 November.

NUS Referendum Result:

Ballots: 903. Votes: 890. Abstentions:13

Remain              628 (70.56% of votes)

Leave                 262 (29.44% of votes)