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Friday 19th May in the Main Quad UCL - 10.30am - 2.30pm

Students and young people are disproportionality underrepresented in elections; in the 2015 election, voter turnout for 18-24s was 43%, compared to a national average of 66.1%. The decisions made in the coming years will affect young people for years to come, so it’s essential that students turn out to vote for the parties they believe offer the best vision for the future.

UCL has around 40,000 students, with a significant proportion of them falling in the 18-24 category which is why, here at the Union, we believe it’s our responsibility to encourage as many young people to engage with the upcoming General Election as possible.

Trouble is, the register to vote can be a bit dry and repetitive… until you introduce a herd of goats!

We will be bringing four goats - led by Chief Goat, Hamish - onto campus to encourage students to take a break from the books and register to vote in reward for some time petting and, no doubt taking selfies, with our four-legged friends. A team of union staff, led by our elected student officers will be talking to goat-fans about the impact they can make by voting and helping them register, in the hope of driving turnout and ensuring the UK finds itself with a government that truly representative of the people it serves.

Using goats to get people to participate in democracy has been done many times before, remember in the lead up to the referendum? Combing goats with votes is an American thing, used to get people who aren’t Republican (donkeys) or Democrats (elephants) engaged. The Goat represents the non-voter over in the US of A, and they’ve got some catchy slogans like ‘Don’t be a goat, get out and vote’.

Our goats come from who look after them and ensure they’re not stressed whilst getting students registered.