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What’s the union ever done for us?

This year, we helped make sure that international students don’t have to worry about changes to fees throughout their degrees.

What it means for you

UCL used to be free to alter international student fees during a course. That meant that international applicants could face costs that were higher than advertised when they enrolled. But now, you won’t have to worry about that.

We took your concerns to UCL, they’ve agreed to fix these fees for undergraduate international students, starting in 2018/19 for the full duration of the course.

How change happened

We’ve kept the pressure up on this one for nearly four years. In 2014/15, Welfare and International Officer Leah Francis began working on this and we haven’t let up since.

Last year, Welfare and International Officer Mehj Ahmed began talks with the UCL senior management team. We’d done our research, with several reports and surveys, and we got their backing.

UCL Council has approved the fix for undergraduates, but we’ll be keeping up the pressure for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery students as well.

Want to help us make changes like this? Become a representative, or raise an issue today.