As we approach the new academic year, you may start viewing properties in the private sector or looking at other options for accommodation. If you still need to find somewhere, University of London Housing Services is a great place to start looking.

From 16 to 20 May, University of London Housing Services will be running their annual ‘Housing Week’ – a series of events to help students with finding flatmates and accommodation for the next academic year.

These events will include:

Our Advice Service will also be running an Instagram takeover during ‘Housing Week’, so please look out for our Q+A event on the Students’ Union UCL Instagram if you have any quick housing queries.

We will also be on hand throughout the summer and academic year if you have any questions about securing accommodation, or what you should be looking out for in a tenancy agreement.

If you find accommodation and decide that you would like a tenancy agreement check, our service can provide this for you. You can request a contract check via our online contact form. Just remember to attach a copy of your tenancy agreement!