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The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) pulled off a splendid evening in the heart of South Kensington! The Royal Albert Hall is magnificent - it was truly the perfect venue setting for this time of the year. All volunteers had the chance to watch improv’ comedy acts by the brilliant cast of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ (perks of volunteering!). We were also received backstage of the theatre so could have a peak at what goes on behind the curtains.

But most importantly, I have come to realise the effect of childhood slight loss and its impact on the social well-being of these children. I am proud to say I have contributed, even if so little, to raise money for such a noble cause. We often tend to forget that every little bit helps, and with our joined efforts we can amass to something big. I will certainty look forward to getting involved with RSBC in future One-Off Volunteering opportunities!

Written by Kaoutar Abaakil - One-Off Volunteering Ambassador.

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