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In 2016, UCL and the Students’ Union launched the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Project with the aim of ‘eliminating experiences of sexual harassment at UCL’. 

Over the past three years, the Students’ Union has run a programme of training for incoming students with the objective of building students understanding of consent, busting myths surrounding sexual misconduct and developing practical skills for challenging misconduct should they witness it at UCL or in the wider community. The Zero Tolerance project  had many wonderful successes over the past four years, training over 17,000 students and creating an empowering and safe environment for our community. 

As the Higher Education environment changes, we want to too. We are seeing lots more diversity in our communities with London becoming more multicultural by the day. This comes at a time of political turmoil in the UK and a rise in instances of bullying, harassment and hate crimes. UCL has the opportunity to counter this trend starting with our own community. Students’ Union UCL would like to build on the current Active Bystander programme, which currently only deals with sexual misconduct, and create a more all-inclusive model, which will incorporate sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment.

The new model will empower our students by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to identify poor behaviour and challenge it at its root – changing UCL’s culture for the better.

(Zero Tolerance Launch in 2016)