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Voices of Our Union is an audio archive capturing the lives of our students, the majority of whom were picked at random from all over the campus. Their stories concern the events and places that are memorable to them, highlighting the array of experiences that are present in those of our student community. Some are funny, some sad, some talk about relationships, others describe the perks of academia or illuminate the obscure aspects of our members’ lives, but all of the recordings are real-life experiences as told by the students.

It would be impossible to celebrate our anniversary without paying special tribute to our members. So, as we turn 125 years old, this project gives a voice to the diverse collection of students who make up the Union in 2018. We hope that as new students join our Union and the current ones grow older with us, they find inspiration and encouragement in the stories told by the Voices of Our Union.

The project is led by 2nd-year undergraduate student Katarina Krajciova who conducted the interviews and curated the stories told by our members.

Why the Map?

Students’ Union UCL is its 40,000 members existing in places far and wide, whose experience of university cannot be confined to the grounds of UCL. Locating each of the recordings on a map of London provides a context of the individual stories. View the map.

Got a story to tell?

If you’d like your story to be part of the Voices archive please get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to record. Sign up.

What do you think?

If there is anything that you like about the project or see something that could be improved feel free to get in touch with us, we value every opinion!