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Food for thought

Student-led volunteering project Zero Food Waste will be collecting unsold food from our cafes and donating it to charity, reducing our environmental impact, and increase our social impact.

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62,400 hours volunteered

Last academic year, we engaged 2,150 UCL students in volunteering projects across London. Together they volunteered 63,400 hours of their time - that’s equivalent to one person volunteering full-time for over 32 years!

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Where more happens

In addition to the funding we provide, we've helped Clubs and Socs secure an extra £67,740 of funding to help them run better, more subsidised activities for you. 

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Volunteering = new skills

Last academic year, 99% of students who had volunteered said they had developed a new skill set as a result of volunteering. Skills include communicating professionally, collaborating with others, understanding others - to list a few. 

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We’ve improved the food we offer across campus

More vegan options (plant-based rather than being a meat substitute) will be on offer from September. 

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Saving you £££

For the academic year 2018-2019, our Advice Service saved you £92,795.16.  They've been helping to sort out unreasonable charges from landlords and other unexpected financial difficulties, so if you're in need, contact our Advice Service. 

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More Project Active sessions

We're organising even more Project Active sessions aimed at Postgraduate students and even more sessions for female students. 

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Welfare Officer positions to club and society committees

New Welfare Officer positions have been a feature of your clubs and society committees so activities are inclusive and welcoming to all, and there's someone who knows where you can get help, should you need it. 

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Reducing plastic waste

We have taken a number of steps to reduce our waste, including offering a discount for cafe customers that bring their own reusable mug and ditching plastic straws.

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We launched women's-only gym sessions

To attract more women to take part in physical activity, last years Women's Officer, Abeni and Welfare and International Officer Rotha, launched Women's-Only gym sessions. In the first three months of the sessions running, we had 548 people attending! 

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Winning together

Last year, 5,874 of you joined 75 Sports Clubs with some of those clubs going on to gain us 18 wins in Varsity. 


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Putting a stop to food waste

Unsold food from our cafes is distributed among local projects for people in need. This means, not only that food is not going to waste, but it is being put to good use in our local community.

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Better food for you

We're improving the food we offer you with new healthier options in our cafes, more vegan choices, meal deals and a new fresh pizza offer. We're also making sure all our packaging is recyclable as part of our commitment to sustainability. 

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We're on our way to ending period poverty

We're on our way to ending period poverty on campus with free sanitary products available in all Union loos. Next stop: the wider UCL campus. 

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Over 300 Clubs and Societies

We've got 75 sports clubs and 248 societies at Students' Union UCL with 63 societies joining just last year. It's never too late to join a society and you can do so throughout your degree. 

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