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In addition to the funding we provide, we've helped Clubs and Socs apply for an extra £22,740 of funding to help them run better, more subsidised activities for you. 

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Standing against government changes

Last year, UCL was one of a dozen universities to successfully boycott the NSS; this led to the House of Lords temporarily severing the link between the TEF and fee rises, and delaying the wider implementation of the reforms.

Find out why we are boycotting again

Helping you discover things you'll love

Our first ever Give it a Go Week saw over 200 of you trying new activities. From film making, to beer tasting and juggling, students took part on more than 20 completely student led activities. 

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"There are very successful ways to raise a topic in your department which I wasn't aware of before the training"

We have trained 1,022 Academic and Faculty Reps and 97% of them said the training gave them the tools they need to represent you better..

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A win for our students

Our Advice Team successfully helped four students dispute an unfair £11,000 bill from their landlord and saved them almost £10k

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"My relationship with my inner self gets better and it makes me more healthy too"

Project Active is helping more people like Uyun enjoy exercise and try things they never would have before.

Watch Uyun's video in full Find out more about Project Active

Don't Pay Again

With fees sky high, we don't think there should be additional charges on you course. Your Education Officer has been lobbying on this and the first concession has been the abolition of the £15 transcript fee.

Find out more about the campaign What additional costs do you face?

£10,500 for the Mexico Earthquake Appeal

Mexican Society have been raising money for the earthquake appeal and to date they've raised an incredible £10,500

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Reducing plastic waste

We have taken a number of steps to reduce our waste, including offering a discount for cafe customers that bring their own reusable mug and ditching plastic straws.

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Hairy Fundraisers

Collectively, Team UCL have raised an enormous, incredible, facial hair raising, £15,193, making #TeamUCL the 7th biggest fundraisers for Movember this year.

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Award winners

We’re making sure that sport on campus is inclusive. And the rest of the UK is taking notice.

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Gold for Deborah Alawode

Deborah Alawode, a second year medical student and member of the #TeamUCL Barbell Club, has won Gold at the British Weightlifting Championships. Lifting 154kg to take the U75 junior title.

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Four Weeks In

Look at all of the amazing things Societies and Clubs have done to make the world a better place in just the last four weeks!

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Making studying easier

Your Education Officer has worked with UCL to implement a tool that will allow you to check for free library seats online.

Find out how Sarah got this done Check out the tool

Dairy free delight

We've found a new supplier that will allow our cafes to offer soya milk coffees at no additional cost. Saving you 30p per drink. 

See our other cafe deals Read our plans for developing our spaces

More ways to help

We've made big changes that mean we can give a wider range of advice to students in need.

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Our Community

Since last September, we've helped 2,134 students find community volunteering opportunities in London

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Fee update

International student fees: We’ve made sure that international student fees stay fixed throughout your degree.

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Supporting student parents

Your Postgraduate Students' Officer has convinced UCL to review its provisions for student parents. We’ve already won a commitment to expand the nursery and will use this review to push for more improvements.


Find out what we'll be arguing for Consider becoming a representative for student parents and carers